A personal spiritual journey.
A new way of living.
A new lifestyle for humanity?
I'm not a hippie, spiritual 24/7 devotee, i'm simply a girl living life and incorporating these things along the way. Trying make it more often than sometimes.
Following the steps presented to me or discovered along the way.
Bhakti Marga - not in the traditional Hindu sense, but in it's translated sense - the spiritual way, devotion, participation.
This is what works for me. Share what works for you!

There are two types of desire. One type causes suffering, the other does not. The type that causes suffering is based on the false idea that you are incomplete and that the way to complete yourself is through fulfilling desires. As we rise above duality, we rise above that lie.

The other type of desire comes out of a state of joy and happiness. It is the desire for experiences as a celebration of life rather than as a solution. We overcome the first type of desire, not this second type (nor would we want to). This second type is what makes life so juicy.

As your frequency continues to rise, you’ll find that rising above the first type of desire and the illusion of duality happen are interconnected. Spiritual visions may occur, and abilities may open up but do not be attached to any of it. Trust and enjoy the process!

Steven Fulop

I’m currently undergoing a DNA activation by this man, and the end outcome of these 5 separate activations is supposed to be a reactivation of the 10 dormant etheric strands of DNA, as well as permanent connection and access to your higher self, among other things like the releasing of old emotional baggage being replaced with a greater inner sense of bliss and peace. And so far, it’s working wonders.

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Anonymous said: Something you may all be interested in: Mother Maya, spiritual teacher and Ahimsa Vow advocate will return to Sydney in February. Mother has been gracing us with her presence for several years now and this year she will guide us in the extraordinary Women's Power to Heal teachings as well as the beautiful ritual of creating a Peace Mandala. I would like to offer more information and detail but for now you can google Jivamukti Yogs Sydney or My Peace Vow for more. Namaste

solarlogos said: I really resonate with your journey(s)... lots of familiar territory. Thanks for showing up :)

Sorry I have been AWOL. I am still here. Thanks for visiting.


Got my best friend’s wedding tomorrow and she asked me to do a little blessing… this is what i’ve come up with. I actually say their names in my piece, but have removed their names below. 

Love triumphs all. We are all free to have our own unique relationship with the universe or god or the energies that surround us, whatever your take is on it- yet what transcends all of this is love. 

It is often easy to forget that we all actually have a tremendous capacity to exude some sort of love in every action we exert out into the world day to day– but on a beautiful day like today where we’re celebrating the union of love, it is very EASY to remember where that light and love is within each of us.

Let us all send that boundless energy of love and light to the couple today and through an incredible journey with no boundaries in time. Let this day also remind us of our capacity of love that we have for the everyday. May we all take time to strip down our egos and reveal our souls to uncover that dualities are non-existent. No right’s, no wrong’s, just a life of learning, understanding and love.